" Progress is not fast as compared to other classes which I am very happy about it. I am getting the concept from here which is the most important in any exam. My experience is very good. "
- Balaji Palaniappan       More>>
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We provide high standards of aviation training, by high standards we don't just mean hi-tech equipments, WE mean HIGH QUALITY teaching and HIGHER Discipline, because this is what makes pilots stand apart from other professionals.


The training provided here is good specially Navigation for DGCA and Airline interviews.

-Karan Satra

Expert faculty, good learning experience.

-Prasad Nerurkar

Progress is not fast as compared to other classes which I am very happy about it. I am getting the concept from here which is the most important in any exam. My experience is very good.

-Balaji Palaniappan

It`s a very friendly place the instructor really make you understand the subject matter. If I ever had any problems they would explain it thoroughly. Overall I think it`s the best place to learn the basics of flying.

-Julian Fernandes

I just cleard my DGCA papers and for that I have to thank Aerodynamiks. Nasir Rakhangi helped me a lot with Navigation, gave us a lot to work with. And Capt. Kulkarni too was always ready to help me out with any difficulty. Again I would like to say that it would not have been possible without their help.

-Ajinkya joshi

My experience at Aerodynamiks has been brilliant. The faculty and the quality of teaching is par excellence. My entire learning experience here has been beneficial to me in and outside the classroom. The entire faculty follows the motto of "Knowledge makes flying safe" and this has ensured a very rich training and flight experience for me. The faculty not only teaches us to be better pilots but ensures the best learning experience.

- Ms. Natasha Rao


Quality training helped me to do well in my FAA, as well is helping me to clear my DGCA. Constant supervision of our progress during FAA training was one of the best features of Aerodynamiks.

- Ms. Gurpreet Bhabra


Aerodynamiks has groomed me not only for the DGCA exams but also for airline interviews and increased my general knowledge about aviation as a whole. The instructors and the staff are always there for your questions and are very hospitable. I would say this is the best place to be in Mumbai for a jumpstart in your aviation career.

- Ms. Nikita Kulkarni


Quality aviation training by all staff members for FAA, DGCA and airline interviews

- Mr. Aniket Soman


Very good experience and knowledgeable faculty. All in all a good experience

- Mr. Lyle Nazareth


To be true Navigation notes and classes are really good, truly appreciated. About Meteorology classes: the handouts are not good lots of printing mistake and didn't like it much. But the met class were helpful. Thanks a lot for everything.

- Mr. Jaykumar Thacker



Lots of attention to details. Capt Kulkarni & Mr. Iyer, with their dedication to the respective subjects, train us not only for the exam but also for our career as a pilot. The knowledge I have gained here will help me go a long way in aviation.

- Mr. Shiroy Pavri


Overall good experience, handouts are very helpful as compared to the text books. Knowledge imparted by lecturers is more than sufficient & very good. Specially the fact that general aviation knowledge is also imparted besides what is in the DGCA portion.

- Mr. Anirudh Bhadra


Under the guidance of Capt. Kulkarni I have been given an insight into the DGCA exam, which has been a challenge. The wealth of knowledge and information shared by sir to me has been on a one to one basis. I need to make a mention of Mr. Deviprasad Shetty and Nasir also who have been extremely supportive and encouraging. They should expand to Banglore.

- Ms. Asha Vasuky

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